10 More Years of One Piece: Reaction and Expectation (Heavy Spoilers)

In a recent interview, creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda stated that he would write One Piece for 10 more years. Wow, ten years! He said the same thing 4 years ago so technically the life span of One Piece has increased. I for one am very happy to hear this but not without a few concerns. I’ll get to those on a bit. Some things to point out:

1) This should come as no surprise to me, since the New World just started, so much left to explore. The greatest adventure story told should have more creative islands and crazy characters that One Piece is known for so the length should come as no surprise.

2) We still don’t know much about the New World and that’s a good thing other than it’s ruled by the Four Emperors. Luffy has just began a feud with two of them but we’ve yet to see Kaidou.

Now some expectations for the next 10 years. And I don’t mean to sound obnoxious but these are some things I would like to see in the next few years:

1) More character development for the Strawhats, especially Robin. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Robin be an integral part of the plot. It seems like she’s always in the background, ready to assists when the spotlight should be on here. We saw this in punk hazard and fishman island. I believe there will be a poneglyph in Dressrosa so hopefully she’ll get more attention at some point.

2) I hope that Shanks and Luffy fight at some point on the end. That would be amazing. Haki vs Haki, and all that goodness. Of course that would be way into the future. So let’s back up.

3) Pirate alliances have an integral role in the New World. Maybe luffy and law take on Kidd and his allies, that would be great to see.

4) The destruction of Fishman Island at the hands of luffy. This one is most likely gonna happen in some altercation with big mam and the fact that Shirahoshi is Poseidon. Remember that Caribou knows this fact and he’s going to Kaidou, some interesting stuff.

I’ll end it here for expectations since I can keep going so how about some concerns:

1) Pacing. Dressrosa has not been the best organized arc of the series. It’s good but all over the place. I mean where’s Kanjurou? And also the fights. It seems that Oda has been skipping some fights or not really flushed them out, just look at Sabo vs Jesus. I hope he doesn’t do the same with Sabo vs Fujitora. Because of pacing, we also have no idea what’s going on with Sanji and Big Mom. It’s been a few months now, we haven’t seen Sanji, chopper and them since 2013! You can’t do this to the straw hats Oda haha they need their spotlight.

2) the final war should not be anywhere near like the Naruto war. By which I mean rushed and overhyped. I just hope that the pacing is well handled and no skipping over fights like on Dressrosa. I guess that’s my final concern, with so many characters, how do you reach a satisfying conclusion to the story? It is Oda though and I shouldn’t complain. At the end of the day, I know my jaw will drop with his incredible writing and amazing characters. So here’s to ten more years to the incredible story that is One Piece.


Thats the Pirate King~

Youre in the wrong anime mother fucker!


05/05/2014 - Happy birthday to Monkey D. Luffy: the future pirate king and the captain of the straw hat pirates! Happy children’s day in Japan!

Happy Birthday Captain 

I’m dying 

I’m dying 

This ship belongs to you, since you’re the captain.
Then fight me!
If I win, I’ll take Merry.

Monkey D. Luffy! I challenge you to a duel!

Whaaa, there’s an episode of Merry!? Must watch!

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine 
You make me happy when skies are grey 
You’ll never know dear how much I love you  
Please don’t take my sunshine away

"Pirates are evil? The Marines are righteous? These terms have 
always changed throughout the course of history! Kids who have
never seen peace and kids who have never seen war have
different values! Those who stand at the top determine what's
wrong and what's right!"